Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thomaston GA: Upson Shelter - Here we go again! More Dogs killed. Can we please save these?

From: Hope4dogs Hope4dogs 
Sent: Thursday, July 09, 2015 3:49 PM
Subject: FW: Upson Shelter Thomaston,Ga .Here we go again! More killed Can we please save these?

Say goodbye to Taco, Flex, Carly And  Nutley RIP sweet souls and  know that we loved you!  I even had 2 rescues for Flex today and if I had known they were URGENT probably could have gotten rescue for  the others.  The Director refuses to let me know if he is going to euthanize. Why? Why wouldn't he work with us instead of against us? It shouldn't be a secret.  I feel so sad that I can help these dogs but they just don't get a last chance. Can someone save one of these in memory of these that have died  for no reason other than the stubbornness of a shelter manager to tell us that dogs are URGENT!!!Please save these quickly or else they will be DEAD!!! There are some really special ones here this week!. Yesterday Peggy told me there were only 1 other dog ad we got out about 8 and a litter out yesterday and today.. Why would I even think dogs were urgent? Thanks for   crossposting.  Thanks ,  Hope

CONTACT : SHELTER:  706-647-5586    
CONTACT: PEGGY FERRELL     CELL  (706) 975-5824
Runta- #`15-0786  LAST CALL VERY  URGENT    $440.50SPONSOR  Boxer Mix Stray picked up in the city.......Avail 7/9
Leaping Larry #15-0799 Very handsome PB  Chocolate Lab Very friendly dog picked up stray with a red collar, out on Bishop Rd., may have ran off during fireworks........Avail 7/10
Sheeba #15-0800  Female Lab  hound mix Stray, friendly good with other dogs, calm.....Avail 7/10
 Valencia #15-0810  Handsome and Very friendly stray picked up as stray good with other dogs, and on a lead.......Avail 7/13
Brenda and Bullet #15- 0811 and 0812Male and Female(blk/wht) pups with great smiles that can be mistaken for growls or aggression, but they very lovable and seek attention, need training on lead, but will follow and stay at your feet.......Avail 7/7

Gogetit #15 -0813 Pit bull mix. Solid dog, walks on lead, does ok around other dogs, loves to run and explore.....Avail 7/7

Hey Girl #15-0814 Female Pit Bull mix Nice dog, does good with other dogs, loves to run and play and explore........Avail 7/7
Dat Guy #15-0815 Unique looking male low rider –Unknown mix good with other dogs, will walk on lead, unique looking dog......Avail 7/7

Pup Pup #15-0816 Male adult  good little dog, nice compact, owner recently deceased, walks on lead, good with dogs....Avail 7/8
Dook #15-0818  Young Male Lab hound mix Just a pup!  Young dog 3 months turned in, playful wants and needs attention.....Avail 7/8
Buddy  # 15-0819 housetrained, good with other dogs, needs leash training Avail 7/9

Gogetit #15 -0813 Pit bull mix. Solid dog, walks on lead, does ok around other dogs, loves to run and explore.....Avail 7/7