Monday, July 27, 2015

Tyler TX: two FIV+ kittens need Rescue/Adoption

Two loving, silly, playful girls Bonnie and Bea

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From: Judith Carnes <>
Date: Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 2:21 PM
Subject: Tyler, TX -- two FIV+ kitties need home/rescue

Hi, everyone.  A couple of months ago, one of our O'Malley Alley Cat – Tyler fosters agreed to take in a semi-feral mom and her 3 kittens, when the kittens were about a week old.  Mama was a long haired black and white beauty who made little progress while in a home environment, so she was fixed and released into a controlled setting.  She tested FIV+, as did her 3 offspring.   We lost the little male kitten at about 8 weeks.  His intestines were not fully formed or were formed incorrectly and he had severe, horrible problems.  The two young girls have flourished in their foster home and are loving, silly, playful girls.  They do tend to have goopy eyes at times and have been on antibiotics off and on, which seems to help.

Here's the deal:  We are in Tyler, Smith County, Texas, with a population of 260,000+ people and one City "temporary" shelter with housing for maybe 20 cats and we are the only cat rescue in town.  We have very few adoptions for our beautiful "normal"  cats, and these two girls have little to no chance of finding homes here.  They are about 13 weeks now and current on vaccines.  We can send a donation to help with spays and send HomeAgain microchips, if another rescue can take them.  Our foster is having "semi-permanent company" arriving on August 14 and will need the room that is now occupied by the girls.  If you can help us, please email me.  Here are some pictures of Bonnie and Bea.

Thanks – Judith Carnes