Friday, August 21, 2015

Charlotte NC: 2 Bloodhounds and 2 GSDs in serious danger. Owner died.

Charlotte , NCPLEASE READ and HELP IF YOU CAN--Owner of 2 Bloodhounds, ages 2 & 3, and 2 German Shepherds, ages 8 &...
Posted by Shelter dogs in danger on Thursday, August 20, 2015
Charlotte , NC PLEASE READ and HELP IF YOU CAN-- Owner of 2 Bloodhounds, ages 2 & 3, and 2 German Shepherds, ages 8 & 10 has DIED--Soulless heirs wish to euthanize all animals asap. Their stats: Location: Near Charlotte, NC One Male, One Female of each breed. All animals are covered by mortality and health insurance, although (allegedly) no provision is made in the deceased woman's will regarding their care and placement in the event of her passing. All are housebroken, current with shots and heartworm negative. The bloodhounds are fixed, German Shepherds are intact. The GS's are very bonded, ideally they'll find safe haven together--same for the Hounds, if at all possible. We believe we have until the estate's probate is worked through to find safe haven for these guys, two weeks is optimistic... A very-much-alive-but-misanthropic sister and niece are lobbying the estate for euthanasia for the animals, asap, however. Cheryl and I are dog enthusiasts in Boca Raton, FL, with four of our own in-house, and no other interest other than finding asylum for these dogs beyond the reach of the evil heiresses. We will pay transportation costs, and also make a donation to the worthy advocate and/or cause that gives sanctuary to the foursome. Need more info or to share resources or ideas, feel free to call or write 24/7, please find contact info and pix included below. We thank you in advance for your assistance, or whatever aid you can offer, to help give these puppies a new lease on life... Best, Steve Olpin, 801-545-9000 (cell), Cheryl Friedman-Olpin, 561-866-2965 (cell),