Thursday, August 20, 2015

Grass Valley CA: Adopt Buddy the Tabby Cat at Sammie's Friends Shelter

Buddy is a wonderful 8+ year old cat.

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From: Anna Drummond <>
Date: Thu, Aug 20, 2015 at 12:35 PM
Subject: Please help this cat by networking him. Thank you! (He's at Sammie's Friends Shelter)
To: Anna Drummond <>

Buddy is a wonderful 8+ year old cat. He has been with Sammie's Friends for over 250 days. He had some trouble adjusting to shelter life at first (who wouldn't?). SF helped him by giving him his own space, which he appreciated very much. He spent most of his time hanging out in the conference room, keeping everything in check and assisting with staff meetings. He is a nice cat and loves his food! Buddy recently made the move up to their new Cat building and has been adjusting to life around other cats quite nicely. (He's good with cats & dogs.)  He would love for someone to adopt him soon. Go by and ask for Buddy! 

Sammie's Friends Shelter is at 14647 McCourtney Rd., Grass Valley, CA  Open noon to 4 Mon - Sat.  Phone: (530) 471-5041).

Please forward this on, post on facebook, etc, & ask others to do the same.  If you feel like making fliers & posting those around, that would really help, too.  Those of you getting this out of the area, please send this back to people here.  Hopefully, if we all do a little something, he'll finally get a home.

Thank you!