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Grovetown GA (near Augusta): sos! 8/29 Update. Jake's sister Anna also needs rescue. NO RESPONSE re: Rescue Jake the Hound immediately

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Subject: Fwd: Groves town, GA (near Augusta) - Male dog needs urgent rescue!

This is the other female dog (besides Jake) who is clearly in a horrible situation. She is hardly being fed, lives in disgusting conditions. 

I'm a cat rescue with very little dog rescue contacts. PLEASE can't some GA rescue step up and help these sweet dogs out of this hell? This makes me sick! I've been asking for help and not one rescue has contacted Kristy. I'm happy to contribute to help them!

Please help find these two sweet dogs a rescue!!  CONTACT:

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No replies for Jake, still. He's been up here off and on, until Troy's dad takes him back to that house. But we just found out today that Anna got left at the house, too, with no food. So Troy's sister didn't take her like she said. We went up to the store to get a cheap bag of dog food for her, but it's ridiculous for her to stay in that house like that. We snuck in through the back door to feed her, and we tried to get some pics but had to hurry because she is being a little protective of the house so the pics aren't great.
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Subject: Groves town, GA (near Augusta) - Male dog needs urgent rescue!

Jake is a male dog, around 6 years old and appears to be some type of hound.  We believe he is neutered.  He is very sweet and friendly.  He is underweight because his current owner, who is moving, does not take good care of him.  He is frightened during storms.  Current owner has neglected him and wishes to get rid of him.  She has agreed to give him up.  Contact is a family member who wants a better life and home for sweet Jake.

Please, can a rescue take Jake in and find him a wonderful home that he deserves?  Thanks for helping Jake!