Thursday, August 13, 2015

Houston TX area: 7 yr old neutered cat being rehomed

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Subject: FW: 7 yr old neutered cat needs rehoming - Houston Area
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Subject: Fwd: 7 yr old neutered cat needs rehoming
This lady is moving to Alpine, Texas .. I've tried to talk her into taking luck....even if she took him, I'm sure he would not last long out there if allowed outside ..

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Yogi is approximately 7 years old. My husband ran across him at a local drive-in food place when he was a kitten and fearing he would eventually be run over decided to bring him home. He's a big boy! At his most recent vet visit for the feline AIDS/leukemia test (which he passed), his weight was a little over 18 lbs. He is current on shots and "revolution"ized monthly for flea control. He will be due for his annual vet visit in February of 2016. He had a complete physical (x-rays and blood work) less than a month ago. All his vet records can be supplied. Until just over a year ago he had 2 companion cats with which he got along well, particularly the other neutered male manx. All 3 were indoor/outdoor cats; all 3 were "rescues". Based on their hunting/survival skills we are 99% sure a bobcat got the other 2 cats and also believe Yogi's size is what saved him. He started out a fairly independent soul but is getting more affectionate with age. He comes up more and more ofter seeking physical affection (rub under the chin please). He has always liked people and enjoys supervising when we are outside. He sleeps with us in bed and likes to curl up around my head on the pillow. About the only thing that scares him (other than the vacuum) is setting up an ironing board. He's a sweet cat and you can see by the photos he's a beautiful orange and white color with a fairly long coat. I hope someone will give him the home that he deserves.