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Houston TX: 8/15 UPDATE RE: Dogs EMERGENCY...need help....dumped near downtown -dogs cant escape...HOT out there!!!

Kathleen and other people went to feed the two dogs this morning and they are nowhere to be seen. If someone rescued them, please inform Kathleen so that she may inform all. She will look again this afternoon but doubts they are still there. Thank you.
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Good Morning:

I reached out all over the place yesterday.  Below is the latest update:

Update on dogs as of first thing this morning - tagging some of my 'animal' loving friends - will need fosters and donations PLEASE:
Brief update 8.13.15 11:15 pm. Looks like the dogs were dumped there together. SPCA came and picked up one, a lab/shep mix (this is the one I was most concerned about). Told the metro cop they most likely will NOT be back for the other 2 as they are pits (whatever). So, the 2 left, one is a female (maybe momma...don't know) and other is about 8 month old pup. They were super sweet, but super scared. They are not injured, not emaciated (relieved to know this). They did eat. Food and water were left for them for tonight. They are in a very hard to find and difficult place, but don't look to be in danger where they are. It was too dark, even with flash light, to try to catch. Kathy said she and Liz will get plan together in morning and get help with a trapper to get them, but have to be able to SEE. Gonna get a plan in place and get these babies safe. 
NOW...what is needed...Donation A will be needed for vetting. FOSTERS will be needed for both. RESCUE will be needed. Vet info will be posted on where to donate when they are caught.

I’m trying to find fosters and some of my coworkers might go out there at lunch to feed them – if they let us in the area.  Right at the trees and the yellow sign by these white tube on the HOV lane entrance off of Louisiana Street downtown, going North.   This lane merges into the I-45 North HOV section, but you cannot see this section from I-45 North or South, only from Louisiana Street where the I-10 West Entrance is.

Below is a map of their exact location:

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Thanks Gail. Kathleen just checked on her way home and the dogs are still there.
Will do. Noticed the date was yesterday. Do you know if they're still there?

Thursday, August 13, 2015, 2:26 PM from minoo <>:
Hi Gail,
A friend of mine Kathleen saw this (see below) and sent me the details. It looks like someone dumped these dogs in between both sides of the freeway in the hov so they are dying without food and water as they cannot run to safety as they are stuck. Kathleen has called BARC and metro but no me seems to want to help. One dog had its eyes open shut but cud not even get up.

Could you please post this to everyone so that some one cud get out there and help asap?

Thanks again.

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ABANDONED DOGS NEED HELP – 8.12.15 5:00 pm….Leaving downtown Houston on Louisiana Street at the HOV I-45 North entrance, w/in 2 miles on the HOV to the right side. Someone clearly dumped at least three dogs between the HOV lane and the freeway in a cemented grassy area – one looks like it is dying while the other sits watch over it. All three look starved…..I was in the car as a passenger on the HOV lane when I saw them – one white dog, one brown and one black – from a quick glance. Medium size dogs. I've called Metro, I've called Harris County Animal Control and they could NOT help and told me to call BARC which I also did and they rerouted me and kept placing me on hold. NOONE has helped or acknowledged these dogs. Disgusted with the human race and in tears. Please reach out to whomever you can to try and save these dogs, even though it may already be too late.