Saturday, August 22, 2015

Houston TX: GOOD NEWS! RE: FOUND DOG. VERY URGENT. Deadline Saturday. Home or Temp Foster for Found small BLIND dog No fleas No microchip

8/21/15 POST
This dog was found in a water-filled ditch 

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Date: Fri, Aug 21, 2015 at 8:54 AM
Subject: URGENT Home or Temp Foster for Found small dog Friendship Rd & Hollister Spring Branch Houston TX
To: Susan Mocini <>, Jeannice Cain <>

Hello everyone - please network and bare with me.

Susan found Thursday am beginning of storms. The dog is small maybe 10-15 lbs., female, blind, no fleas, had collar, not microchipped, was ok with their male border collie  - just a bit scared.  I saw the dog, sweet - they had it wrapped in a towel and was not bothered at all about me touching her.  

1.  This dog was rescued by Susan (copied) this am (Thursday 8/20) when the ditches were full of water on our street and the dog was near or in it.  She thought the dog was going to drown!!  Thank you Susan for rescuing from the water!
Susan cell is 832-330-2220

2.  She took the dog, believing it was from the area she found it.  It is not from immediate area. 

3.  She gave it a bath and found no fleas.

4.  Her and her husband took off work early to take to local vet to see if microchipped or if vet recognized it - no for both. 

5. They are NOT rescue people, so don't expect them to know about rescuing,  not educated nor ever rescued a dog so they have NO idea what to do! Don't expect them to do what we all do.  Let's  help the dog. 
6.  They cannot keep or foster and it doesn't matter the reasons why.  The point is to help save this dog. 

7.  That being said, they were going to take to a shelter.  I begged for them to at least put up a couple of signs and IF they could keep for 24 hours. They have put up some signs.

8.  They will keep until Sat. 

9.  Debbie Haseloff and I will put out more signs Friday eve in hopes of finding owner as we all know the weather was horrible Thursday am, IF anyone can help post signs Friday eve let me know as asap!

10.  I truly believe the dog got out from somewhere in the surrounding area. 

11.  Looking for foster or permanent geriatric home to live out her life if owner not found!

12.  IF someone can take for two or three days to see if owner can be found - great

13  IF NOT for foster or adopt or owner is not found, UPON MY SUGGESTION, that they would take the dog back and take to their vet to be put down vs leaving at a shelter.  Soooo if you know of anyone that would take on a geriatric dog PLEASE ASK/Post/Blast  ASAP!!

AGAIN let's try to save this dog if at all possible.  
Thank you for sending around!! Susan cell is 832-330-2220

Jeannice Cain