Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Houston TX: GOOD NEWS! RE: STILL IN DIRE NEED! RE: Found EXTREMELY Friendly Gorgeous Orange Cat

On Tue, Sep 1, 2015 at 8:19 AM, Jeannice Cain <jchppl@gmail.com> wrote:
First thank you EVERYONE for sending out ALL the emails re this girl, Ginger. And for those who are helping with donations!

She went to a vet yesterday to get shots & tested YEAH ALL NEGATIVE!!, They could not tell if 
she has a spay scar so she is on her way tomorrow to SNAP. She is being boarded at the vet until
Wednesday,  (She will get a bath too as her white paws and legs were all dirty poor girl) 
They estimate 1-2 years old as her teeth are pretty white. She weighs just about 9 lbs.  See pics!

Ruth is a very nice retired lady. She is an animal lover and has several other cats. Also was recommended
by Mary Wingfield. So Ginger will have a great home to go to once everything is done. She will also be microchipped

This girl is so darn cute and loving....thank you all again for helping her and sending her to her new home on a good note
being spayed shots etc.  

FYI I will/have contacted a few of you re where and how to send the donations.  Tallying up
8/29 POST

On Sat, Aug 29, 2015 at 7:50 AM, Jeannice Cain <jchppl@gmail.com> wrote:
Well darn....SUCH a beautiful friendly cat! 
The person that was considering changed her mind just now.  Not the right time.  Sending again.  The cat needs to find a place to go  It needs to be inside not to mention it starts following people and will get hit by a car. Took to vet yesterday  Not microchipped a female and 9 lbs. 
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Subject: Found EXTREMELY Friendly Gorgeous Orange Cat Spring Branch Friendship Hollister 1 of 2
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HIGHLY ADOPTABLE!!  Please send to your cat people. 

GEEZ,  Went to a neighbors house and up walks this cat.  They said it has been around for about a week.

It clearly is an indoor cat as they said it doesn't even like to put it's paws on wet grass and LOVES to be in your lap and be loved on.  

No one can take this cat in!  This cat will go fast.  They are afraid it might get run over
as it likes to follow people.

Please send around and I am the contact (once again)

Will send more pics and 2 videos 
Jeannice Cain