Saturday, August 15, 2015

Humble TX: Urgent! Adopt/Rescue Sasha the Dog (formerly with Homeless Joe of Houston - currently with Angels4Paws). In boarding many months. Boarding option now in question.

Sasha the black dog was rescued in 2014 and has been in boarding many months.
Butch went to a different rescuer; he has also been kenneled a long time and is in need of adoption (see post).
Sasha apparently was not pregnant after all.
 Boarding options are now limited due to lack of funds at Angels Four Paws rescue. See GoFundMe:

  • Sasha was on the streets last year, and found the caring homeless man Joe who took care of her under the freeway. She was networked a lot by a volunteer in Houston, along with another stray "Butch" her brown dog friend who also found Joe the homeless man around the same time. Joe in Houston takes care of lots of critters who pass his way. Sasha's Petfinder and AdoptaPet links are inaccurate - homeless Joe did not die as was written in her bio! 

  • I don't know the circumstances of Angels Four Paws or the boarding crisis, but you can read the founder Celestine Khuong's message in her GoFundMe HERE (

Contact info for the rescue organization is:
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Address:
  • 9659 N Sam Houston Pkwy E # 150
  • box # 266
  • Humble, TX 77396