Friday, August 21, 2015

Lilburn GA (Atlanta metro area): Very urgent. Rescue & Sponsorship needed for cats living in bedroom in need of rescue!

Kendra has posted for these cats on Facebook today. I don't see that a rescuer(s) has stepped up but I notice a little progress on pledges. Please contact Kendra Lovell at to rescue these cats, or to pledge towards their rescue. Kendra's post is here. She is very busy so please be purrsistent.

I have recently been made aware of a situation of 11 cats living in one bedroom. Some of them are semi feral. The cats...
Posted by Kendra Lovell on Friday, August 21, 2015

8/17 POST
Contact Kendra Lovell at if you can help
From: (at Date: Sunday, Aug 16, 2015 at 4:56 AM Lilburn, GA - Sponsorship needed for cats living in bedroom in need of rescue!!
Pledges are desperately needed for 11 cats living in one bedroom. Sponsorship needed to try and attract a rescue for help!! Many of these cats have never left the bedroom they have lived in for several years. It is over crowded, and surely, they cannot be happy. The owner knows this, and she wants to re home them. She did not go out seeking them. They came to her one by one as a stray. She is unemployed, and she can barely feed them. She is doing her very best though. She is getting help from Daphey's pet food kitchen for them. But they need rescue. There is a possible rescue interest, but they MUST HAVE SPONSORSHIP! This is a lot of cats to take on. If anyone can give anything, any amount (no amount too small), please let me know. You will not pay until, and IF they are rescued. Thank you so much, Kendra Below are a few pictures of just a few of them. They are all beautiful and so deserving of a better life.