Tuesday, August 11, 2015

#NYC NY: Giuseppe the #Tabby - urgent plea from one of the city's popular vets!

Giuseppe is very outgoing and
 needs to be the only cat in the household as
 his play is often too rough for other cats
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Date: Aug 11, 2015 5:39 AM
Subject: NY: Giuseppe....a most urgent plea from one of the city's popular vets!! Please xPost and share with your social contacts! 212 799 7000
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Good morning everyone,

Thank you to those who reached out and offered to help. Please find a flyer for Giuseppe attached, along with pictures, and the summary below. We appreciate anything you could do to help us find a home for this friendly guy :)

Giuseppe was originally a stray in Staten Island when he was found by one of our veterinary technicians and brought to City Vet for medical care. He is a very friendly, lovable and playful 1.5 year old male! He loves belly rubs and chasing toys. He is neutered, FeLV/FIV negative, fully vaccinated, and healthy overall. He needs to be the only cat in the household as his play is often too rough for other cats. Giuseppe is very outgoing and has many dog-like qualities so we suspect he might also do well in a home with a dog.

Have a great day and thank you in advance!

Best regards,
Vickie Pajak
Reception Manager

You are included in this email because you are an animal rescuer who has been the recipient of heavily discounted, high quality health care for the animals you've rescued from City Veterinary Care. I have created this program since the day we opened in 2003 and have asked for nothing in return up until now

We have 6 cats that live at the hospital and about 8 months ago one of my staff members found another that we added. His name is Giuseppe and he is a young, healthy, male neutered cat that though his insistence on playing with the other cats that would rather not, has ruined the harmony leading the other cats to urinating all over the place including our exam room, our desks, our food supplies, our computer keyboard and my ultrasound machine. Giuseppe is not doing the urinating; its the other's doing so in response to him. We have tried Feliway, and medication, but its continuing to get worse.

What we need is for one of you to step up and do something for us by taking him under your adoption umbrella. Again, for 13 years, I have only provided help and not asked for any. Can one of you please help us with this?

Andrew Kaplan, DVM