Thursday, September 10, 2015

Memphis TN: GOOD NEWS! RE: Urgent. Rescue/Adopt Cute Young female Pit Bull Terrier mix #A281235

Hooray! Barbara let me know that dog has been rescued. If I receive details, I will add them here. Thanks to all who crossposted for her.
9/7 POST
This nice emaciated dog was stray, being fed and hanging out with folks, and a kind neighbor was starting to look for rescue for her (see email below). Another neighbor called Memphis Animal Services and the dog was picked up September 5th.
The shelter is the contact. 
[Note: Barbara (who wrote the email below) gave permission to include her email address in case anyone would like to ask her questions about her making the dog's acquaintance - and she would definitely like to be informed if the dog has a happy exit from the shelter.]
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For more information about this animal, call:
Memphis Animal Services at (901) 636-1416
Ask for information about animal ID number A281235

On Sunday, September 6, 2015 4:54 PM bkk wrote:
Don't know what else I could say other than she apparently has had some training as she walked with the guy over to my house, sat beside him when he put the food and water bowls down on the walk and did not try to bite him when he tried to lift her left front paw to check it out.  She just leaned back a little and took it away from him. 

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We came across this pup yesterday literally laying in the middle of the road (on a hill) in our neighborhood.  I pulled over to the side thinking maybe it was dead, but as soon as I opened the car door it stood up and backed up to the woods.  It appears to favor it's left front paw.  She would not come near me so I finally gave up and came home. 

Now she has made it to our end of the subdivision, but is staying between two houses and is also going into the backyard of a home that has around the clock care for a special needs patient.  Spoke with one of the attendants just a short while ago and he said she's been hanging out over there for a couple of days.  She apparently has been cared for as she is very happy and friendly with them.  She is very skiddish of me.  I handed him a bowl of food and a bowl of fresh water as she would not take it from me, but wagged her tail like crazy for him.  (She is very thin which does not show in the picture).

Know of anyone that would rescue her and try to find her a home?