Monday, September 21, 2015

NYC NY: Foster needed so Suki the Cat can LOSE WEIGHT

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 Mia Lancaster

917 484 2870 voice/text
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Date: Sun, Sep 20, 2015 at 6:21 PM
Subject: POOR PLUMPIE !! (f/k/a Stunning SUKI) Needs HELP to LOSE WEIGHT - 212 751 2093 - HELP PLEASE!! PLEASE CROSS-POST


SUKI was pulled from death row a year ago at age 6 weeks along with her siblings Sundae & Danten.  After she was spayed SUKI put on the pounds and now weighs 18 pounds although her frame is small.  Sundae & Danten did not put on excess weight after being altered and were adopted while stunning SUKI has languished on the adoption roster.

SUKI is the sweetest kitty and has a clean bill of health except for the obesity.  All our foster homes have many other animals and none is equipped with a spare room where SUKI can be alone on a special diet for 3 - 6 months, or however long it takes to shed about 9 pounds.

PLEASE, is there anyone who will foster this fabulous kitty for a few months on a special diet that I will provide to help her to lose the unwanted pounds so that we can find a permanent home for her?    At just one year of age, SUKI still has a chance at finding furrrever happiness, but first she needs weight loss help.  We are looking for a foster who is able to strictly monitor SUKI's food intake, food which I will provide, and who has the space to segregate SUKI so she won't be tempted by the food of other kitties.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of SUKI's plight.

Mia Lancaster
917 484 2870 voice/text