Monday, September 28, 2015

Wantagh NY: Senior long-haired beauty Pewter at pound

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Date: Sep 28, 2015 7:35 AM
Subject: LI NY : Senior longhaired beauty - Pewter @ TOH
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Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter
3320 Beltagh Avenue
Wantagh, NY 11793
Contact: Rescue Department

Pewter - 10 year old spayed Dom. Longhaired - 9 lbs - Stray
qar, reported injured- no injures seen, amb x 4, missing some teeth, moderate tartar/dental dz, long nails trimmed, shaved abdomen scar seen r/o ovh scar, pe-nsf

Behavior Synopsis:1. Greeting: (3 components) 6 points Though initially tense, Pewter became more relaxed with the presence of the handler. Despite relaxing, he failed to solicit contact.2. Interactive Toy: 2 pointsPewter was avoidant of the toy, her body tense and keeping distance watching from the back of her enclosure.3. Social Interaction: 8 pointsPewter was accepting of stroking and arched her back with strokes down her back, but she was not solicitous of it. She may need more time to settle in to shelter life.4. Handling: (2 Components) 0 points Though initially tense Pewter allowed herself to be picked up but it wasn't until a few minutes after being held that she jumped back into her cage. She was accepting of all handling components.

Poor Pewter! This longhaired luscious beauty came to us after her "finder" discovered her being cornered by her dogs. After she went door to door on her block asking if anyone was missing a cat. Unfortunately no one was missing a cat so she brought her to the shelter in hopes someone would come there looking for her. Weeks have since passed and no one has come to claim her and we just can't seem to understand it. Although Pewter is very sweet the shelter is no place for a 10-year-old cat that is very shy. She has tested well in her behavior assessment had no handling issues and didn't seem to mind the neighboring cats. If you would like to meet Pewter please come in and meet this beauty today or call the shelter for more information at 516-785-5220

Emily Tanen
Rescue Coordinator
Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter
Instagram: @tohanimalshelter