Sunday, October 4, 2015

Doraville GA: GOOD NEWS! but pls donate if you can RE: Urgent! Rescue needed ASAP for tame lame stray Tuxedo kitty in colony! Needs medical attention!

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Latest update: They caught him (yay!), and are on the way now to Furkids' vet; Russell Ridge Animal Hospital in Lawrenceville.

If people can donate for his medical care, Furkids could really use the help.

Their PayPal address is: (at

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he can't survive much longer out there

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Subject: Doraville, GA - Kitty dragging back legs needs help!
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Laura, who feeds a small colony in Doraville, needs to find rescue for this poor sweet kitty who started dragging his legs. He's only 2 years old and can be picked up, so he's not wild.
She gave him some prednisone, and that helped, but then he disappeared for a few days, and came back worse. He needs medical attention and needs to be indoors with people who can properly care for him - and safe from the dogs roving the area, and the lowlifes who party out there. He's starting to get sores on his poor little legs. Laura says he can't survive much longer out there.
Please spread the word!
contact: Laura678-468-1833