Wednesday, November 4, 2015

EGYPT to USA: GOOD NEWS! ADOPTED! RE: Domestic abuse victims---2 Bonded Cat Beauties from Egypt Need Rescue, Sponsorship, Furever Home/Foster in USA!

Dina reports these two now have a home. Thanks to all who crossposted for them.
10/24 POST
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Subject: OT - EGYPT: Abused Beauties from Egypt Need Rescue and Sponsorship!
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They are super loving, 3 years old, bonded but not related.


From: Dina Fink (at
Sent: Sat, Oct 24, 2015 2:08
Subject: 2 gorgeous kitties need home/foster domestic abusive

Dear friends,

These 2 beauties a boy and girl, boy neutered but girl spayed yet need a furever home/foster in the USA please! They are super loving, 3 years old, bonded but not related.

Their mommy was married to a bad man in Egypt and had to run away from him for domestic abuse and for threatening to kill her babies (pictured).

They are in a foster's home but can't be kept long because foster is leaving Egypt soon. Can anyone please open up your home/foster rescue for these babies? They will love you and be so grateful!  They will also need $300 sponsorship each to get to the USA!

Please forward!

Thank you

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