Friday, October 2, 2015

Houston TX area: 5 dogs. FOSTERS or ADOPTERS needed ASAP - current foster is ill - Lone Star Rescue of Brookshire TX

Meet Vanessa the young 51-lb Lab/Pit 
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Still looking for a home for Vanessa L  She needs to be moved ASAP !

Debbie Zook
Lone Star Rescue

Good Day – My Friends out in the RESCUE WORLD.

Please NETWORK !!!!
One of Our current foster's has been hospitalized for the past 2 months. We have to find homes for 5 dogs that are currently in foster care in
Brookshire, Texas. We are running out of time, and we don't know when or if our foster will be back. 
These five dogs were at ONE –TIME POUND DOGS here in BROOKSHIRE, TEXAS.  We would hate to see them returned back to
The BROOKSHIRE POUND after being in FOSTER CARE !  They have learned to trust and love again and sleep in safe comfort zone.
So Please don't turn your backs and Ignore this PLEA – IT's ABOUT THESE DOGS NEEDING YOUR / OUR HELP !

The pictures of the other dogs needing Help I will be sending out later this week. Pictures will be submitted by current foster.  For now - One at a TIME !

The first dog we would like to NETWORK is Vanessa – Please see her story below.

LOCATION of Brookshire Foster Dogs – Brookshire is 10 minutes West of Katy and East of Sealy, Texas.

Please contact Doug
Doug Worthy – 713-628-3989
Debbie – 713-962-9209
Lone Star Rescue

Please help us to find a good forever home for Vanessa. She is a Black Lab and Pit bull Mix, 51 lbs, 2-3 years old, very sweet and good with kids and adults, but she is an Alpha Dog and will be better to be adopted in a one pet house hold. She is spayed and has all the shots up to date. We do appreciate your help.

If any additional information is need it please let us know.

Thank you so very much,

Jeannice Cain