Sunday, October 25, 2015

Klamath Falls OR: LOST Border Collie. Searchers needed.

Still missing as of 10/25/15
Text Keiti's owner Barbara at 541-891-3444
or email

Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2015
Subject: URGENT Search Party - People needed to help find dog lost in woods Oregon USA

PLEASE send  far and wide to everyone you know!  Never know who might have contacts near.   Klamath Falls, OR.   It is pretty isolated in south central OR.

Barb is the owner Her phone is 541-891-3444 for text.

Her border collie, Keiti has been lost since 10/19

Hi All:
Keiti, my border collie, took off with my other collie, Brynn, yesterday afternoon. Brynn came back in 20 minutes as usual but Keit has yet to return. I live on 40 wooded acres and searched my property. My friend and I drove around the areas behind my house. There are 5-20 acres of homes but could not find her. There are lots of undeveloped woods around me.

Most of the property is woods and lots of barbed wire fencing. People can get lost easily. also hunters are out.

IF you can help, wear bright color clothing, boots, jackets etc.  Also if you have anything to help mark where you have looked and to mark a path so no one gets lost!

We believe she might be hurt and can't make it back home