Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tampa FL: Mom died. Home to be sold.Two bonded cats BlinkIn and Einstein need a place to go VERY URGENTLY

10/17 Melanie reports that Einstein and Blinkin still need a place extremely urgently.
October 14, 2015 - Melanie reports that Einstein and Blinkin still need a place
Subject: Florida : Very sad and urgent situation : Please forward ~
Date: 2015-09-30 13:17
From: Melanie Blake <>
To: Melanie Blake <>

I have known this family for many years. Marilene was a dear friend of mine. Please read Amanda's e-,mail and if you can help, please get back to me. The cats are not in a good situation right now. Thank you.


My name is Amanda Kerstman and I am a senior at The University of South Florida. I grew up with my mom and brother living with four cats (Blinkin, Einstein, Happy, and Nala). The summer of 2014, Nala past away and left our family, and unfortunately this summer so did my mom. My mom was battling cancer for eight strong years until her time to leave the world this summer. This leaves me, my brother, and three cats. My brother just started his freshmen year of college and is living on campus so cannot take in any animals. I decided to take Happy to live with me since she requires a lot of personal/medical attention. Unfortunately it would not be ideal for me to have three cats living in a small apartment with two other roommates. I need to find a temporary home for Einstein and Blinkin until I am more stable in my life. This could take 1-2 years for me to find a full time permanent job after graduation where I could take in my cat family permanently.

I am willing to help with financial needs for Einstein and Blinkin. They both are very healthy cats who do not need to be taken to the vet very often, only for check ups. They eat both dry and wet food (although Blinkin mostly enjoys wet food) but are used to eating chicken patte.

Age: Approximately 9 years old
Einstein was adopted by our family back in 2006 at about 3 months old. He was found by himself as a very young kitten in someones backyard. A private cat rescue took Einstein in and bottle raised him. Once he was eating kitten food on his own he met Blinkin and started to spend all of his time with him. Blinkin adopted him sort of like a son and they have been inseparable ever since. Einstein if a cat full of energy and a HUGE snuggler! His favorite spot to cuddle is on top of your chest where he can purr in your face. He is definitely a dominant cat, but will get along with other cats as time progresses. He is definitely not a shy cat and will greet all of your guests at the door.

Blinkin (I call him Binkie)
Age: Approximatley 11-12 years old
Blinkin was also found as a kitten approximately around 2004 with two other brothers. They were named Blinkin, Winkin, and Nod. While Winkin and Nod got adopted early on as kittens, Blinkin was left with the cat rescue without his brothers for 2 years. Shortly after building a strong connection with Einstein, my family adopted the both of them together. Blinkin is a more reserved cat who spends a lot of time observing rather than being active and playful. He will cuddle side by side with you, but never jump on you like Einstein will. He has the loudest purr so you can always tell when he is happy. He mostly enjoys fresh water from the faucet and when his food is soupy. You will even see him sometimes eat food from his paw like its a spoon! Einstein and Blinkin have opposite personalities, but they have spent all of their life together. Another quirk of Blinkin is that he is a very clean cat. He likes his liter pan to always be clean!