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central Ohio: Precious Pets who would love to have a family for the holidays - 5 pounds to 65 pounds

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Subject: !Precious Pets who would love to have a family for the holidays......5 pounds to 65 pounds......central Ohio

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​Cody, Male Pekingese​, 2 years

Cody is looking for a  ​


​Mya​, Chihuahua, 5 pounds, 1 year

Under 1 yr....frisky little love bug.....thinks she is a big dog and is happy to play with them....good with cats dogs and kids. Just a pup who requires love and attention - would not be good left alone for more than a few hours...she is just a baby? 
Mya looking for a  ​

Cassidy and his sister, Sundance were dumped at a cemetery. Over the next few days, several people tried to catch them without luck. Then one day Cassidy strolled right up to the house of a rescuer...before he knew what hit him, he was clean, flea free, and resting up from his days on the run. Cassidy loves to please you and will often pick up something in the yard and bring it to you.......talking all the while! Neither pup is a complainer, but they love to talk with you and each other!
Cassidy appears to be a Boxer Mix, 20 pounds, . 9 months old


Lucy was a companion for a paraplegic in a wheelchair until he died.   She is obedient, mild mannered, devoted and well behaved.  She is very laid back and loves attention.
Jack Russell Mix, *DOB 7-4-2010, 25 pounds


These pups are gorgeous, and bonded. They have been allowed to run, been picked up by the pound twice,
​and their ​
littermates and mom were killed on
​the ​
​ They c​
annot be separated
​. They eat, sleep, & play together.  They truly need each other and are happy pups when they are together.​ They are so sweet and a joy to have around.
...........Need a foster, or forever home.........

1 year old, female, 45 pounds,  male, 60 pounds, littermates
Contact for more info,  


Tolsia (which is Polish for "prospering") is a gorgeous German Shepherd who was found on a busy highway and was very frightened and thin......She wouldn't come to her rescuer, but jumped in the open car door looking for somewhere safe to go.  She is coming right along, but is still very shy when she meets you.  She wants your approval and is fearful of not pleasing you.  Loud sounds or voices frighten her.........she needs a calm environment and people with her most of the time.  She enjoys being with gentle dogs who would not  be the least bit aggressive toward her.  She also needs a fenced yard to play safely.  Tolsia sits, shakes, lays down, and speaks on command.
2 years, 65 pounds
​***​ name is Mya...........sometimes I wish that I was never born. I was purchased from a breeder by a dog fighter.  Who wants to fight???  I love everyone and want to be their friend...........but when I wouldn't fight, I was beaten real bad......then the fighter wanted to make money off me, so he bred me.........but all my puppies died.......boy did I get a beating then. I remember standing in the yard bleeding, and a neighbor came over and bought me so that he could take me to the vet...........He was real nice and I loved my 2 kitty friends, but he didn't have the time that he said I deserved (wasn't that sweet?)  so he found a loving rescuer to take me.  I am happy and healthy and love my friends, but sometimes I get lonely.  I hope that I will find a home with a family to love..... Do you think that a family will love me?  I will keep hoping and praying.......
( Mya is 1 year, 55 pounds, quiet, and eager to please.  She loves to play, but no wrestling........mostly just running together. She is great in the house, no ag
ression, will share food, toys,
blankey.........anything!  She needs a gentle home with a fenced yard where she can play )

Spud is a hugger........
Spud loves hugs and he will hug you right back!
He certainly is a people pup, he loves everyone.

Rhodesian Ridgeback/Basset Mix​

Spud is looking for a  ​

*DOB 7-4-12   44 pounds


​Ruby, Mini Lab?​

 *DOB 1-15-14 
​ ​

Ruby is truly a gem. She's a sweet loving girl, 
 loves to be held. 
She would be a great addition to any family😀

he's about 14 inches tall weighing about 25 lbs. 

gets along with dogs and is good with kids

She looks like a small lab mix to me but not sure

 is looking for a
​ ​

​Nikki loves everyone, dogs, cats, & people.....:-)
She would enjoy a similar sized pup who plays gently,
and she has lots of love to giv
Please contact today!


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