Friday, November 6, 2015

Dunwoody GA: Abandoned in carrier at church - gorgeous white long-haired kitty!

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Subject: Dunwoody, GA - Abandoned in carrier at church - gorgeous white long-haired kitty!
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Please Crosspost - Atlanta, GA

I was told earlier today that there was a friendly, wet cat approaching people at a church in Dunwoody.  I posted about her on facebook and headed there as soon as I got off work.  She had been left in a carrier with her silver bowls and the label cut out from her cat food.  The person that initially found her let her out of the carrier and she walked around the courtyard  approaching everyone that passed her.  An employee picked her up, gave her a bath and was calling shelters to see where they could take her.  I met them and they handed her to me.

She is in a crate in my garage for right now. I have 2 days before foster dogs will be back in there.

She is absolutely beautiful!  She is very friendly and has longer hair that feels like silk.  She reminds me of a turkish angora.  She is incredibly sweet and gentle and loves being petted.  Her teeth look good and she is very affectionate. She seems to have been an indoor cat, but has some hair loss by her fanny due to fleas.  I applied topical flea meds.  When she got her bath, she just sat there quietly. She is so cute, she loves to curl up in anything soft and even crawled in a basket with a blanket in it.  She was around several children when I picked her up and she did well with all of them.

Is there anyone that can help her?  Please forward this to anyone looking to adopt or any rescue group that might be able to help her.  She is a gem and will get adopted quickly.  I need help.  I did not want to leave her there and I did not want them to take her to the shelter, but I need help.

Please contact me asap if you can help.

Thank you!