Saturday, November 28, 2015

Houston TX: 11/28 BARC cats and dogs with medical issues need URGENT RESCUE or FOSTER

BARC was closed for two days due to holiday so now there are even more alerts than the usual ton. Please see extremely URGENT requests for FOSTERs or RESCUERs for cats and dogs impounded at BARC. Please note the Chihuahua mix A1361806 whose back legs seem injured may leave on early medical release. Alejandra has issued about 21 alerts so far for dogs today 11/28; the cat alerts are forthcoming.

The majority of these alerts that the staff sends concern pets with MEDICAL or BEHAVIOR issues but there are a few adoptables and also the very urgent Length-of-Stay lists of many dogs and cats on the two blogs; those pets are ADOPTABLE too. 

The shelter is the contact. Each alert has the instructions on how to place a hold. Please rescue, foster, adopt or network if you can. Each alert is shareable. Click on the title to open an alert in new tab. Some icons for sharing by email or social media are at the bottom of each post.