Monday, November 30, 2015

Houston TX: Ginger needs a Rescue - Foster - Adopter - Only has a few days left!

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Date: Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 3:26 PM
Subject: Houston, TX - Ginger needs a Rescue - Foster - Adopter - - Only has a few days left!!!

I received the information below and the photo attached.  Ginger will be spayed on Thursday.  This Good Samaritan will be going out of the country on December 10th.  She has fully-vetted and will have spayed Ginger and MUST turn over the dog to a shelter or rescue by Dec. 9th, the day before she and her husband leave for Christmas holidays overseas, where her husband is from.  Please share far and wide so Ginger will have a place to go before or on Dec. 9th.  Thank you! Please contact every rescue you know.  PLEASE HELP!

The Pup Palace
A Better Life

Rescued close to the corridor of cruelty - 59/york. Found on feeder to freeway,
Overall demeanor - calm, happy and really sweet - friendly to everyone including men. I think she prefers my husband over me!Brindle pit/boxer mixTook her to Richmond Ave Animal hospital for a quick check up - she is heartworm negative, no mites and dewormed.
Close to 65 lbs and overall healthy
Ginger is interested in my small dog and cat. Seems calm around my 10 lb dog.

Goes on walks and very very well behaved
Overall great dog!