Monday, November 23, 2015

Memphis TN area: GOOD NEWS! RE: Sweet, stray, cold Lab/Shep-type girl needs loving family ASAP

On Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 2:21 PM, Beverly King <> wrote:
Liz, Lorie Frezza with ANgels Among Us just said that she will take her!! Yea!!!  Thank you so much!!
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Hello Everyone,
Can anyone take in this female stray?  She appeared at an apartment complex, and the manager is bringing her inside from the cold until she can find a home.  Information is below.  She sounds like a real sweet, humble girl!

Please cross post.  Thank you!



Female dog that seems to be  under 5 yrs. We have no info on shots or heartworms because she was found as a stray. Housebroken. Good with children. She is good with cats and dogs.She is an extremely  loving dog. Medium size. Around 35-40 lbs. She looks like she may have had puppies  recently.  We couldn't  find any around  property  and she hasn't left our property  for days. She cried all night  in our  courtyard  until we brought  her in because  of the cold. She has layed her head in our laps for days. She is such a sweet animal and deserves a furever  home. 🐶

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Berclair and Macon RD area .  Beverly, Can you help us place this dog???
Marshall Gordon