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Memphis TX: VERY URGENT! Desperate Help Needed For Memphis Dogs

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If anyone can help these sweet dogs, please contact  Shannon Benson at the following email address:

Thank you and please cross post!


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Subject: VERY URGENT! - -Desperate Help Needed For Memphis Dogs
I am willing to donate financially to the recue or individual that  rescues these dogs!!
RESPOND TO: Shannon Benson  - Email address above.

I'm sending this email on behalf of my friends at Safe Haven Rescue (Memphis TN) as a last resort for help. They are in a dyer situation with 5 beautiful rescues that have been stuck in long term boarding (some for over TWO YEARS) and now, as of a few weeks ago, all 5 dogs are being forced out of boarding by thanksgiving.  Now, after weeks of networking and pleading for fosters, these precious dogs have absolutely nowhere to go. . These dogs are in perfect health and very highly adoptable but since Safe Haven is a very small rescue group, they don't have the means to find fosters or adopters as quickly but they have incurred huge boarding bills in order to keep them safe while they wait for a family. My heart hurts so much for these poor dogs who have spent a months, even years, in a kennel and have gone unnoticed for so long and now with the holidays upon us, they have no place to go after each one was saved from certain death. My friends with Safe Haven are so heartbroken and feel like they have failed these babies. I'm just trying to give them some hope back.
I am attaching some pictures of them for you and I can get their bios emailed to you as well. Please be their angel and help us save them.

Thanks so much,

Shannon Benson





Sandy **Rescued by Memphis firefighters last December after being trapped in the ice cold Wolf River and was then set to be euthanized by MAS three days later. Safe Haven did not have the means but they stepped up for her when no one else would so that she wouldn't be killed.


*Not pictured: Teddy the Labradoodle
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