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Pearland area TX: Urgent: RCR needs your help identifying a lost alum - might be from another area of Houston

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Date: Sat, Nov 21, 2015 at 10:32 AM
Subject: FW: Urgent: RCR needs your help identifying a lost alum - Pearland area but might be from another area of Houston
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Date: November 21, 2015 at 10:15:50 AM CST
Subject: Urgent: RCR needs your help identifying a lost alum
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An RCR dog is loose but we don't know who!
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Hello RCR friends and family,

A loose RCR dog was reported yesterday, Nov 20, around 5 pm in a neighborhood just south of Sam Houston Parkway between I-45 and Hwy 35 (border of Pearland and Friendswood).  View a map here. Someone found a dog in their yard with a Red Collar Rescue tag and called us; unfortunately the dog got away from her.  The person described the dog as small to medium sized with blonde/tan and white fur.  The dog was with another small dog with darker fur that did not have a collar. While our volunteers had no sightings last night, this morning our volunteers were out again and spotted these two dogs again near the corner of Cecil Summers and Sugarbush. Unfortunately the dogs ran from the volunteers and were unable to be found after.

We have tried contacting people that live in the area who have adopted Red Collar dogs to determine which dog it might be, but all these dogs are accounted for by their families. This makes us think that the dog could possibly staying with a friend, family member, or pet sitter while the original owners are out of town. The Red Collar Rescue volunteers are very concerned.  If this is your dog and it is missing -- or if you are out of town and it could be your dog -- PLEASE email us at so we can make flyers with pictures and help find the dogs. We want to help recover our lost alum(s) and return them safely to their families.

With hopeful hearts and thanks,
The Red Collar Rescue Family
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Are you an RCR adopter out of town for the holidays? 

While all RCR alums are microchipped, remember that a microchip is only the third line of defense for recovering your lost pet! First, you, your family, and any pet-sitters should practice door control at home and in your car. Always keep your pet on a leash when not confined to your home or yard. Second, you should always keep a collar and tag on your pet. Now is a great time to check the tag to ensure that your contact information is legible and ensure the ring is still strong. Keep the REDCOLLAR RESCUE tag on your pet's collar on a separate ring as a back-up if your own ring/tag falls off. These stamped metal tags are durable and the letters never wear off. And as you see in this case, we have an army of volunteers ready to help recover your pet when we receive the call. Only third can you rely on the microchip.

If your pet is lost, contact us immediately so that we can help. We are not interested in assigning blame, we just want to help you safely recover your pet. We'd much rather get a call back from you ten minutes later that you found your pet than to get a call for help hours after your pet went missing. We recommend that you put your adoption coordinator's information into your cell phone along with the information on the RCR tag. Use this as emergency contact information for pet sitters or friends who may watch your pet while you are traveling.

If you move or change your phone number, it's important to let us know by emailing your new information to us at This will allow us to update the contact information on your pet's microchip as well as update our own personal records so that we can reach you promptly in the event we are notified that your pet has been found.
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