Sunday, November 1, 2015

Suffolk Co., NY: Two 5-yr-old sister cats Polly and Sheeba need home. Owner died.

Linda' phone number is: 631-384-1397. 
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Debra Knowles wrote 11/1/15: 

They lost their human mom to breast cancer. They are living alone in an empty house with just their toys. When their feeder comes they meow to her and sit on her lap, begging for reassurance. They were their moms 'two girls'.
Their mom's sister is seeking to place them desperately. She lives in a small room in her daughters home where they aren't wanted. She had hoped to buy the home and keep them, but sadly, blood isn't always thicker than water and the house was sold.
Polly and Sheba are the only 'children' her beloved sister had-and when I met her today she was weeping, desperate for them to have a loving home. 'This isn't how it was supposed to turn out' she told me. The cats were confused and frightened but gently rubbed my head with their faces as they sat in a small metal cage at an adoption event.
Please contact Linda if you can help.