Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cleburne Tx: GOOD NEWS RE: 1/2 Stil need RESCUE RE: 3 (4) week old plump puppies abandoned by owner-RESCUE ONLY DUE TO AGE

Puppies were rescued by Cody's Rescue.
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Subject: Cleburne Tx-3 (4) week old plump puppies abandoned by owner-RESCUE ONLY DUE TO AGE
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The Cleburne Animal Shelter is a small rural shelter who's mission is to provide a service to the City of Cleburne residents, promote pet adoption, and educate the public on responsible pet ownership, spaying and neutering.This shelter works hard to save as many lives as possible. They have a dream to be No Kill through adoptions and rescues. The puppies are eating wet puppy food.
Cleburne Animal Shelter 2375 Service Dr Cleburne TX 76033 (817) 556-8895
These 3 plump 4 week old puppies where spotted by a good Samaritan who watched as  person abandoned them and drove off. They are noe at the Cleburne shelter. Due to their age they are available to a 5013(c) rescue only.
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Subject: 3 puppies
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Please circulate these pups with rescue. The 2 white ones are females and the gray one is a male. The look to be about 4 weeks old. They don't have teeth, just little nubs coming in. They were dumped in Cleburne by a fence.