Monday, December 21, 2015

Douglasville, GA - Please help Holley and Luna / Pound-bound!

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Date: Dec 21, 2015 7:49 AM
Subject: FW: Douglasville, GA - Please help Holley and Luna / Pound-bound!

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Subject: Douglasville, GA - Please help Holley and Luna / Pound-bound!

These two gorgeous young cats (named Holley and Luna) headed for Douglas County Animal Control. They only have one day to be rescued. Please read this message from Summer and contact her if you can help:


Please help!!!

By Monday the 21st. I am having to be out of my house by then and I am unable to take them where I am moving to. They are sisters and I got them about a little less then one year ago. They are the sweetest things I've ever seen.

Holley is a medium to short haired calico. She is very spunky. Full of life and loves to play. She also so sweet and loving. She loves to curl up on around your shoulders when you're watching tv. She is litter box trained too. And doesn't scratch up couches or anything. And the other is names Luna. Luna is the most innocent creature I've ever come across!! She is so sweet and loving. She loves to play with lasers too but really just loves to be pet. When she plays she never uses her claws or anything. Just sweet heart really. She is also litter box trained and has never scratched up a couch or anything.

Both know not to get on counter tops and neither beg for food. Just the best cats really! They are both inside cats and have never been outside.

My ex of two years financially ruined me so I'm having to move back in with my mother and she would only let me keep one of the three cats I had. His sister used to foster animals when we got them this time last year and didn't have room for them so I said we would keep them until she found a home and we just ended up keeping them. It was Christmas Eve when of last year when we got them. If I can't find them somewhere to go by tomorrow I guess I have no choice but to take them to the pound.

I will pay for them to be vetted if someone can take them.

Summer Burt