Friday, December 11, 2015

Gardena CA: 12/11 Coco and Panda still need out! RE: Beyond Urgent Carson impounded Pitties Coco and Jaxon and Panda

Update: Jaxon was rescued 12/9, but Coco and Panda still need rescue ASAP. They are beyond urgent. The links to Coco's Petharbor listing and Instagram post are below. Panda's Petharbor page is:
12/9 POST

Volunteer Karen Ann Strebel wrote 15 hours ago, "911, 911, 911:
Emergency, No longer listed. Both of Coco's 7 month old puppies were killed and said to have Parvo but those who had seen them in person knew they were not sick. Coco has been overbred, look at her udders. She is sad, she is lonely and it's almost Christmas. Please show a dog with no hope and has nothing, mercy. Please offer to foster. Please share for a foster. Please pledge for her rescue so that she can be saved. She has almost nothing in pledges and she has at this time, no one to help her. Please network like crazy as there is no time to waste. Thank you."

Coco's PetHarborPet listing

See Coco and Jaxon and Panda on Instagram:

Jaxon has been at the high-kill shelter over 90 days:

Panda is fed up and now Rescue-only: