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Henderson NC (Vance Co.): URGENT! 2 dogs Tom Tom and Thomas need your help NOW!

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Subject: Henderson, NC - Vance Co - URGENT!! - Tom Tom and Thomas needs your help NOW!!! 

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Henderson, NC / Vance County **Tom Tom and Thomas needs your help NOW!!!

Henderson, NC/ Vance Co Animal Shelter Ruin Creek (RCAPS)
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Tom Tom and Thomas needs your help NOW!  Tom Tom needs surgery for his elbow ASAP, and Thomas is at the top of the kill list. 

*FREE TRANSPORT FROM NC TO NJ to approved rescue groups, departing NC Friday, Jan. 1st night, arriving into NJ Saturday, (January 2nd) morning.  Being offered by volunteers of "RUIN CREEK ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY". 

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Thomas is fully funded for his heartworm treatment!  Please save him!

THOMAS (M, Pit mix, 1-2yrs, 45lbs, HW Pos) Thomas was brought in as a stray, he was wondering around on someone's property.  Thomas is a little skinny, and is nervous around loud noises, he will flinch.  He has had a hard life, poor guy.  His hold is up 10/22/15, and she can be killed anytime at the discretion of the shelter staff.


Tom Tom needs elbow surgery ASAP!  He has some funding to help with his surgery.  A rescue is interested but can not find a foster, if you can help foster in the NJ area please let us know and we will connect you. 
TOM TOM (M, Pit mix, 2-3yrs, HW Pos).  Tom Tom was found trying to walk down the road with a large chain attacked to him.  His right front leg is swollen.  AC called RCAPS and he went to the vet.  His elbow was out of joint and he has cuts and bruises.  The vet was able to put his elbow back in and now he has to stay bandaged for at least a week, then rechecked.  As he was leaving to go to the vet he passed several kennels sniffed the dogs and moved one.  We are looking for a rescue that can help him immediately.  His hold is up NOW.

**Update**  Tom Tom has had surgery to repair his leg, but his surgery did not help, and his elbow fell out of joint again.  We are at a loss, and don't have the ability to help him.  Tom Tom has the heart of an angel, and is such a sweet boy.  We know that he came from a life of hell, but he deserves a chance.  Tom Tom needs urgent RESCUE and a Christmas Miracle.  Please consider helping him.  Even though we don't have a regular transport this week pilots and paws maybe an option for urgent travel. 

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