Sunday, December 20, 2015

Houston TX: 12/19/15 alerts from BARC - Pls network dogs and cats very URGENTLY

Update: Yelp! more dogs still being added! Please rescue!

Update: the puppies with no mama are leaving with rescue now. Another two friendly dogs have been added to the blog.

Afternoon update - four more alerts have been added for dogs. Please rescue, foster, adopt or network for BARC pets.

Earlier 12/19 POST
This is one of the puppies who has no mama and
must leave with foster or rescue ASAP

Please help the pets at BARC

Please share the alerts.

About eight emails have been received today for very urgent dogs who have medical or behavioral issues:

These pets are available for rescue or foster. The shelter is the contact (BARC Aid Instructions to place a hold are in each of the dogs' alerts.

There is also an alert published yesterday for LOS DOGs, i.e., Length-of-Stay and they are adoptable as well as available to rescuers and fosters. There are 85 kennel cards with photos associated with the list. The deadline for letting the shelter know you are interested in one or more of them is Monday December 21 at 9AM.

Please also view emails for urgent medical kitties at:

Instructions for placing a hold are in each alert. Each alert can be forwarded via email or social media individually. There are icons at the bottom of each alert which you can use to forward by email or via social media.

There are search boxes at the top left of each blog to use for searching by breed, ID number or other keyword.

Please help get the cats and dogs to rescue, foster, or adoption.