Saturday, December 26, 2015

Houston TX: 12/26 urgent BARC (municipal shelter) emails re DOGs and CATs needing FOSTER or RESCUE

About THIRTY urgent email alerts have been issued today for DOGs most of whom have medical or behavioral issues. Heartworms is often an issue.  There are many injured or other medical dogs in immediate need too, for instance HW-negative, already neutered Burgess who was adopted twice and returned through no fault of his own, and now is suffering from a leg problem. His info was circulated 12/20/15 and again now. He is a handsome nice dog who needs out! See the alerts at:

So far there are three new urgent emails for medical/behavioral kitties, including a beautiful orange and white stray 5-yr-old who tested negative for FIV but is noted as being exposed to an FIV cat. See urgent cat emails at:

There are search boxes at the top left of each blog to help locate pets by breed, ID number or other keyword.

The shelter is the contact (BARC Aid whether foster, adoption or rescue. The shelter has a foster program. Instructions to place a hold are in each of the dogs' alerts. Please send any inquiries to the above email address.

Each alert may be shared individually. There are icons at the bottom of each alert to use to send by email or social media. Also, the URL can be copied and pasted into emails and social media. Please help the pets exit BARC to journey to loving homes.