Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Houston TX: 12/29/15 urgent BARC DOGs and CATs including Length-of-Stay ADOPTABLES

Today 12/29/15 BARC (the municipal shelter in Houston TX) sent about 6 new DOG emails and one new CAT email. For both dogs and cats these include Length-of-Stay alerts for ADOPTABLE dogs and cats who have been there the longest and thus in serious danger unless adopted, rescued or fostered.

See these urgent DOG emails at:

and urgent CAT emails at:

Please consider previous days' medical/behavioral alerts too. Please share for all pets in need. Many of the alerts concern pets needing FOSTER or RESCUE. Length-of-stay pets are ADOPTABLE and also available to fosters and rescuers. Publicly adoptable BARC pets may always be seen by searching on Petharbor.

There are search boxes at the top left of each blog to help locate pets by breed, ID number or other keyword.

The shelter is the contact (BARC Aid BARC.Aid@houstontx.gov) whether foster, adoption or rescue. Please send any inquiries to that email address. The shelter is rescue-friendly and very busy. The shelter has a foster program. Instructions for rescuers or fosters to place a hold are in each of the alerts.

Each alert may be shared individually. There are icons at the bottom of each alert to use to send by email or social media. Also, the URL can be copied and pasted into emails and social media. Please help the pets exit BARC to journey to loving homes.