Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Houston TX: 12/8 Very urgent. New dog and cat alerts from the municipal shelter BARC

12/8/15 Houston TX: About 16 new very urgent alerts have been issued so far today viewable in the DOGs blog. Alerts for two kittens Norton and Nelly, a Calico named Krissy, and a Tabby named Giselle have also been issued - viewable in the CATs blog. Most of these alerts pertain to medical or behavior cases. Please consider rescuing or fostering a DOG or CAT in dire need.

The shelter is the contact for rescuing, fostering and adopting. Instructions for placing a rescue or foster hold are in each alert. Each alert in the blogs can be shared individually. Icons for emailing or sharing on social media are at the bottom of each post. Please network to save them. BARC is full and even pets with no medical or behavior questions are in grave danger.