Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Houston TX: Extremely urgent BARC DOGs and CATs

Please help the pets at BARC

Please share the alerts

Many very urgent email alerts have been issued today for dogs who have medical or behavioral issues. For instance, the GSD puppy A1365562 was going to be ptd today but Mauricio said they will hold til 9AM tomorrow Wednesday 12/23. There is a list of Length-of-Stay dogs (i.e., ADOPTABLE dogs who have been there the longest) who must have adoption, foster or rescue commitment by 9AM and pick-up by 4:30 PM Wednesday 12/23 or else are at very high risk of being ptd.

There were about four new emails for kitties today but there are many alerts from previous days too. Please view emails for urgent medical kitties at:

There are search boxes at the top left of each blog to use to help locate pets by breed, ID number or other keyword.

The medical/behavioral pets are available for RESCUE or FOSTER. The shelter is the contact (BARC Aid BARC.Aid@houstontx.gov) whether foster, adoption or rescue. Instructions to place a hold are in each of the dogs' alerts. Each alert may be shared individually.

Each alert can be forwarded via email or social media by using icons at the bottom of each alert. It is also a convenient method to copy and paste a link into a status box.