Saturday, December 5, 2015

Houston TX: Urgent. Municipal shelter BARC has many dogs and cats needing immediate RESCUE or FOSTER. Also Length-of-Stay cats and dogs (ADOPTABLE) deadline is 12/7 9 AM. BARC is FULL.

12/5 Houston TX: URGENT. BARC sent about 30 new dog alert emails so far today seeking RESCUE or FOSTER and one cat alert - no doubt more to come.
There is a search box at the top left of the DOGs and CATs blogs (click on links below) where you can enter impound numbers, breed, name or other key word to help locate something. Most of the dogs and cats on these blogs are in need of medical care such as for heartworms or injuries. Each alert can be opened/shared individually. There are icons for email and social media sharing at the bottom of each post. (DOGs) (CATs)
Please rescue, foster, adopt or share for the pets if you can. The contact is the shelter. Time is of the essence.
Please note BARC is FULL. Length-of-Stay Dogs and Cats (posted 12/3/15--available to adopters as well as rescuers and fosters) have deadlines of Monday 12/7 9 am; if you are interested in any of them notify BARC before that time. You can search the blogs for "LOS."