Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Moreno Valley CA: GOOD NEWS! RE: Still alive! RE: Deadline 12/21 RE: Justice is a fantastic 6-month-old female Pit in danger

The volunteers just informed me Justice was just adopted! Yay! Thanks to all who helped Justice.
and they replied just now that as of this morning Justice has NO INTERESTED PARTIES! Please consider adopting or rescuing this delightful girl!!! Please share widely so hopefully she will have a wonderful family ASAP and not die in a cold uncomfortable place.
12/20 POST
The shelter has said Justice must be adopted or rescued by end of day Monday 12/21 or will be killed.
12/18 POST

Very sweet young gal available for adoption NOW is in serious danger at Moreno Valley CA. Click to see details on her
"Shelter Staff made the following comments about this animal:
12-16-15 Tested with A457667. Very sweet!! No signs of aggression from this beautiful dog. get's along with dogs and cats just fine. Great with people, can be submissive and loving. JD"