Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tennessee and beyond: Important UPDATED STATUS OF PABLO'S DOG RE: Emergency. Pictures of some of the late Pablo Bassim's very adoptable dogs who need homes. Transport will be paid.

There is a comment from Lisa Renee of Blind Dog Bed and Bone Rescue on the YouCaring re status of dogs. Lisa can be reached at pablosdogs5626@gmail.com.
Lisa Renèe ·
Works at Blind Dog Bed and Bone Rescue Update to everyone interested in any of these particular dogs: Bruno, Caesar, Vegas, and Marshall all have either been adopted or rescued. That leaves Wallie (black lab x) and Jack and Jill (bonded pair of pit mixes). I will also have more dogs to add to the list tomorrow evening once I get the ten that are leaving on transport. Thank you all for your continued support during this trying time.
12/6/15 POST

Pablo Bassim was a very kind rescuer who rehabilitated and adopted out many dogs all out of his own private funds. He gave many special needs, elderly, unwanted dogs a place to live at his home. I had the opportunity to speak with him on the phone about a dog in 2015, and also corresponded with him about a dog in 2012. He was responsible for helping a multitude of dogs live happy lives. He worked a ton of overtime at his job in order to pay for dogs' care and to donate to many other rescuers' projects as well. The link for a YouCaring to help with rehoming Pablo Bassim's 40 dogs is:
Following is a message from Dr. Elizabeth Reed, another very generous person, regarding some of Pablo's dogs. The primary coordinator for all of Pablo's dogs is Officer ReJena Parker and she can be reached via the YouCaring.

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Subject: EMERGENCY - PICS! Some of Pablo Bassim's VERY ADOPTABLE BABIES!! - TN





Bruno – long-haired Chihuahua, brown and white,  approximately 1-2 years old, male, neutered, approximately 6 pounds, very loyal, doesn't really like bigger dogs, would love to be an only do receiving all the attention, loves getting attention and hanging out in his humans lap, great sleeping buddy, a bit opposed to grooming  but is okay with being bathed!

Caesar (Little C, Ears) – Welsh corgi mix, approximately 2 years old, male, neutered, approximately 22 pounds, cute little broken tail and adorable big ears, very playful and loves attention, gets along well with most dogs and loves people, very intelligent and can be a bit stubborn at times, knows "sit", very affectionate little guy  

Wallie – ADORABLE lab mix, black, approximately 1 year old, female, spayed, approximately 40 pounds, gets along well with all other dogs, loves attention, gives great hugs and kisses, knows "sit" and "stay", very playful and energetic.  GREAT DOG FOR ADOPTION!

Vegas – Beautiful Coloring! Look at this precious face! blue tick mix, approximately 1-2 years old, male, NOT neutered (BUT WE WILL PROVIDE FUNDS FOR NEUTERING), approximately 35 pounds, very hyper and playful, gets along great with all others, loves attention, knows "sit", has epilepsy - under control with medications.

Jack and Jill – bonded pair, These two are ADORABLE AND SO SO CUTE!)  Pocket pittie mixes - , both are approximately 2 years old and weigh about 45 pounds, both are super sweet and know "sit", both listen well and are very intelligent. Jack is neutered and Jill is spayed, both have microchips and are up to date on all shots. Jack (brown and white)  (Jill (black and white).   


Marshall – Very handsome bluetick  - SUPER DOG!!! coon hound, approximately 2-3 years old, male, neutered, approximately 90 pounds,  He talks some times - I like to think he's singing to us, playful and gets along with all other dogs, very submissive, has a limp and walks a little funny with his hind quarters due to a previous gunshot wound, came to us through Cleveland For A No Kill City, super dog, loves attention and treats, is on medication as needed for arthritic pain.