Saturday, December 5, 2015

Winder GA - URGENT! - Two pups need rescue or forever home, ASAP!! - Currently living in a garage!

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Two pups need rescue or forever home - Currently in Winder, GA

 Winder, Georgia.  

Start networking!!!!!!!!  Urgent!!   SOS!!  SOS!!  December 21st deadline.  

Have to be gone.  Living in a garage.  Read below!! 

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Two pups need rescue or forever home!!
- Currently in Winder, GA

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This is from a friend, Heather, who lives next door to these pups.  The owner is a man who has 2 elementary age boys whom he thought should be responsible for the dogs.  He put the pups in the garage 24/7 when he realized how much trouble they were.  DUH, puppies need TRAINING!!!  Then he decided to buy a kennel and let them live there in the backyard.  He had no plans to have them fixed.  So, Heather has talked and talked with him, and he's finally told her he doesn't want them anymore, BUT they have to leave the house when the boys are at school.  The winter break begins on Dec. 21, so they have to leave by then.  She has 4 large dogs and two young sons, and can't take on two more dogs.

Here's what she wrote: 

"These are the puppies I told you about.  The black and white one is a girl named Cutie.  The brown one is a boy named Buster.  They were born in May or June.  They've have one set of shots.  They are currently living in my neighbor's garage, and he doesn't want them anymore.  He wants to put them in a small kennel in the backyard.  

His kids are supposed to take care of them, but they are both in elementary school, and don't really have the maturity needed to take on two puppies.  They know basic commands, buy have not been allowed to live inside.  Neither one is fixed.  I'm really hoping you can help by asking your rescue friends.  I am not able to take these two.  I have four of my own.  Plus, the neighbor wants the puppies gone while the kids are at school.  They look to be in good health, as in not emaciated, but they do need some basic vet care and to be fixed."

So, is there anyone out there who will take them and find them good homes?

Please contact Heather at:        (at to coordinate things.