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Bashful Bentley would probably enjoy Agility
There is more info in a 1/11/16 update below.
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Atlanta, GA area.

Trying to help place this beautiful, sweet little guy for my neighbor!  Please read his description from her, and contact me if you are interested.  A home visit and vet references may be required.

About Bentley:
"He's been given toys for the first time, and it's the first time I've seen him behave like a real dog.  I don't know if he's shell shocked from all the change and moving around, or if he just adjusted to my grandmother's sedentary lifestyle.  But today is the first time I've seen him play, run, and wag his tail like he's happy.  But I have all little dogs (ankle biters) who are giving him a hard time.  He does his best to keep his distance, and is terrified of them.  He lived with another dog his size, but he's very submissive, and easily bullied.   So, we're not an ideal forever home for him.

He's potty trained.  He is a bit timid, but desperate for attention. And he is constantly watching for direction.  I think he'd make a great agility dog.  He's eager to please, food motivated, and learns quickly.  My husband and I have named him Bentley.

He has a vet appointment Monday for a check up, and for vaccinations, and we will schedule to have him neutered from there.

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More info from Bentley's guardian on him:

Now that I've spent the weekend with Bentley, I've made a few notes about him and his behavior:

We believe he is a Border collie mix.

He is 1-2 years old.

Around 40 pounds (Will have accurate weight after the vet Monday.)

He will also be neutered at his first available appointment.

He is potty trained.

He was given toys for the first time, and seemed unsure what to do, but later decided he likes balls.

He is passive and submissive to other dogs, but easily bullied by a strong alpha.

He shows no interest in cats.

Our home is under remodel, and he shows no mind to loud noises, such as drilling or saws.

He would do well with children.  I think he would prefer a gentle playmate.

He's very food motivated, attentive, and learns quickly.  I believe he'd make a great agility dog.

He did not like a bath, but I believe it may have been his first and only bath.  But after a few minutes he submitted and laid down in defeat.

I don't think we are an ideal forever home.  We have 3 seniors, all under 15 pounds, who have been absolutely un-accepting of a larger dog.  He desperately wants to fit in with them, and seems like he wants them to play, but they are snappy with him.  They have just about terrified him, to where he does his best to keep distance and tip toe around them.  I think he'd like a play mate closer to his age and size, but would absolutely allow himself to be bullied by a strong alpha.

He does well on a leash.

He started with a fear of stairs, but we mastered that in 24 hours.

He has also mastered the doggie door, which is more than I can say for our dogs.

He quickly learned his name and sit.  I think he has potential to be a great dog, and would be a champion with some time in obedience or agility.

He politely noses for attention or a pet on the head.

With a stern "no", he hits the deck.  Meaning he goes into a down position.

He's a great dog, and I'd absolutely keep him if my dogs weren't making his life miserable.

He will come vaccinated, fully vetted, and neutered.  I only ask to see his potential living situation, and a vet reference, to ensure he is going to a good and responsible home.