Friday, January 29, 2016

Brookshire TX: Extremely urgent 9 dogs - No response to crossposts - HOMELESS DOGS NEEDING RESCUE

With the two Chihuahuas being 8 and 9, the images are probably correctly numbered but be sure to confirm when you call either Doug, Debbie or Marie
update: numbers 8 and 9 have been rescued (the two Chihuahuas)

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Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2016

Please help if you can!  Cross post!!!!

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Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2016 10:13 AM
Cc: Marie Moseley

I forgot to include the two little CHIHUAHUA's
1st Picture – Male / Not Neutered – 4 yrs old. Very sweet /  very gentle soul / laid back / – he gets cold very easily –Current on vaccines
2nd Picture – Female / Not Spayed – 6 months old / Very Very Sweet / Gets along with other dogs / love bug / - Current on vaccines

LAST PLEA FOR HELP L Or it's time to cross over L

With several plea's sent out  "No Interest has been shown towards any of these DOGS" L

We have several Senior Dogs in our program that we would like to place with a Dog Sanctuary or Rescue Group. (Local or Out of State).

These dogs are current on vaccines / rabies / and they are on Heart Guard. 

BIOS's Listed BELOW :

Picture #1 – Name:  Mikki  (Female / 5 yrs.  old) – Not Spayed – Gets along with other dogs / friendly / She is a big girl and stunning.

Picture #2 – Name:  Chance (Male / 8 yrs.  old) – Neutered – Chance came from an abusive case and was at the vet's office for 6 months due to his injuries. Look at him now he is a Healthy Good Looking BOY !  And loves attention !

Picture #3 – Name: Rawnie (Male / 8 yrs. Old) – Spayed / She just wants to please and give kisses

Picture #4 – Name: Pittsburg (Male / 6 yrs. Old) – Neutered – He is just one big happy boy that has been pawing for his FOR-EVER HOME !

Picture #5 – Name: Pepper (Male / 7 yrs. Old) – Spayed – Very Sweet / Smart / She keeps getting overlooked for some reason. She is a pretty girl with pretty markings.

Picture # 6 Name: Shiner (Male / 6 yrs. old) – Neutered Picture – Gets along with other dogs / friendly/ Just wants to play and play / loves tennis balls

Picture # 7 – Name:  Sassy (Female / 7 yrs. old) – Spayed – Gets along with other dogs/ loveable / loves to ride in the truck

If you can help place these dogs in a Safe Place to live out  the rest of their lives,  please LET US KNOW.
The Senior Dogs in our program are lab mixes / pit mixes / ridge back mixes/ Dane mixes/ and MOST IMPORTANTLY WE HAVE DESIGNER DOGS.
(Meaning MIXED with little of everything)!
We will be happy to set up appointments at our boarding facility for you to come and meet these dogs. 

...please NETWORK  for us…We are currently on a dead line of moving these dogs by the end of this MONTH (JANUARY). 
Dogs are located Brookshire, Texas.

Contact Information:  Doug – 713-628-3989 – Lone Star Animal Recovery
Debbie – 713-962-9209 - Volunteer
Marie – 713-252-1417- Volunteer

Thank You,
Lone Star Recovery Rescue & For Love of DAWGS Rescue