Sunday, January 24, 2016

Houston TX: 1-24 BARC alerts DOGs and CATs mostly medical/behavioral. Everybody is Urgent.

Info and photos for dogs are at:
and for cats:

There are about 25 alerts for urgent DOGs on the DOG blog today 1/24, including a poor guy with jowl/lip issue, Ramona the Mom with nursing babies, two Huskies, a few updated or repeat pleas such as calm Valerie and handsome Julius, and many more! Perhaps CAT alerts and more dogs will be added. Please also consider previous days' alerts including the Length of Stay dogs and cats who need a commitment by tomorrow 9AM Monday 1-25.  

DOG alerts are at:

CAT alerts may be seen at:

The shelter is the contact for FOSTER, RESCUE, or ADOPTIONS. They are very busy but rescue-friendly. Please contact them at with any questions. There is a box at top left of each blog to search by ID number, breed, or other key word. Each alert has instructions for placing a hold and may be shared individually by email or social media. Adoptable pets may always be viewed on Petharbor. Please share quickly and widely for the pets.