Friday, January 22, 2016

Houston TX: 1/21 BARC alerts for urgent DOGs and CATs including LENGTH-OF-STAY

P.S. Please also see these 8 friendly High HW+ DOGs in urgent notice emailed by BARC 1-21-16.

Update: Both CAT and DOG Length-of-Stay alerts have been added to the blogs (notify BARC by 9 AM Mon 1/25 if you can take), as well as a new CAT alert for a 10-week-old kitten bite case.
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These three dogs from the same household were turned in
because the owner could no longer afford to vet them
They are available for FOSTER or RESCUE

So far today Thursday 1/21 there are eight new DOG alerts and two very urgent CAT alerts. (More alerts may be issued; check blogs below for updates.) Both of the cats are available to ADOPTERS as well as FOSTER or RESCUE, and some of the DOGS - Blitz and Prometheus - are also available to ADOPTERs. There is a 4-month-old Papillon/Chihuahua who is in pain (needs xrays on leg) and available for early medical release.
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DOG alerts are at:

CAT alerts may be seen at:

The shelter is the contact for FOSTER, RESCUE, or ADOPTIONS. They are very busy but rescue-friendly. Please contact them at with any questions. Please also see previous days' alerts! There is a box at top left of each blog to search by ID number or key word. Each alert has instructions for placing a hold and may be shared individually by email or social media. 
Please share for the pets.