Thursday, January 7, 2016

Houston TX: 1/7 BARC alerts for medical/behavioral DOGs and CATs plus LENGTH-of-STAYs

Contact BARC before 9am on Monday 01-11-16 re length-of-stay pets.

Update: LOS list for DOGs has been added. Here is the link:

[1/8 update: Chihuahua A1369610 now has a rescue hold.]
Update: After hours impound can leave on early medical release. A Chihuahua entered BARC after-hours. He had been found in a box behind a dumpster. He is estimated to be 7 yrs old. Please see alert that BARC sent:
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Today BARC issued about 15 DOG alerts so far including a Staffy mix boy A1369366 in a lot of pain - with suspected injury in the pelvis or lumbar spine. Three new CAT alerts were issued including the Length-of-Stay CATs list with just five cats on it so please consider those adoptables - also available to foster and rescue. Time is of the essence.

The DOG blog is at:

CAT alerts may be seen at:

See previous days' alerts too. There are search boxes on each blog at the top left to enter ID number, breed, or other keyword. Icons at the bottom of each alert can be clicked for fast sharing. Please share for the pets. The shelter is the contact for FOSTER, RESCUE, or ADOPTIONS. Please contact them at with any questions. They are very busy but rescue-friendly.