Friday, January 15, 2016

Houston TX: URGENT 1-15-16 BARC alerts DOGs and CATs needing FOSTER or RESCUE

UPDATE. Now there are 13 DOG alerts. Please help these urgent DOGs who need FOSTER or RESCUE. Also remember the Length-of-Stay Dogs and Cats (all adoptable) who need to have commitment by Tues 1/19 9AM. Click on blogs below for the alerts. There are boxes at the top left of each blog to search by keyword or key number.
Today 1-15-16 there are some very urgent new DOG alerts. One of them is poor Titan the Pocket Pittie needing to get out tonight by 6:30 PM or tomorrow morning. 

Please share for the pets. The shelter is the contact for FOSTER, RESCUE, or ADOPTIONS. Please contact them at with any questions. 

DOG alerts are at:

CAT alerts may be seen at: