Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Millington Tn: Brittney the Dog Needs a Home!!

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Photos are terrible, but at least you can see her sweet face.  She weighs appx 48 lbs.  Please let's find Brittney a good home!! Please cross post.  Thank you.

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Good afternoon,
This is one of the several dogs that needs a home. The lady who has rescued so many is Nelda Finn. She was my daughter's kindergarten teacher (my daughter will be 31 this yr). Nelda is a very kind hearted person who loves dogs but has gotten in over her head I think. We can all understand that for sure! The pics are not very clear bc she took them inside when it was bad outside she said. She can try to get better pictures later if needed.
For more info or if interested, contact Nelda Finn at 901-872-6907.  (FYI she doesn't have a computer at home and did this from the library)
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Brittney is about a year old.  A family member found her last March and asked me to find her a home.  She will make a wonderful dog with the right owner who trains with a loving consistency.  She learned how to sit in less than thirty minutes.  She loves treats.  She weighs around 48 pounds and is up to date with shots, has been spayed, heartworm negative and has been on monthly heartworm medicine.  She has the softest fur.  She spends the day (weather permitting) outside and is kenneled at night in the garage. She loves her extra-large wire crate because she can see what the other dogs are doing.   She is still a puppy at heart and has lots of energy.  She can be a pest sometimes with the other dogs but she is not aggressive.  She is beautiful and smart --  smarter than I am.  She makes me laugh with her antics.  Due to my age and health, I would like to find a better home for her locally as I would like to stay in touch and visit.  A home that will love her and work with her with kindness