Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Facebook Quandary

I am in a quandary with the advancements in Facebook tagging. People are welcome to tag me, but I feel I am disappointing people since I cannot scrutinize and appropriately process all the items.

Facebook tagging of shelter pets is wonderful and I am all in favor of online advocacy. Animal rescue is the main reason I am on Facebook. I have always tried to follow the Facebook policy to have a profile for me the person and a page for my activities, i.e., sharing. Many people didn't follow that policy and complained when FB blocked their accounts which I don't think had anything to do with the subject matter of animal rescue. I don't even know if FB still enforces that guideline, but it has always bothered me that only about 10% of my FB friends "like" my page which I figured meant that I should probably try to post everything twice, once on my page and also on my profile or I guess they call it "timeline" now. It has been too much for me to post everything twice, but I tend to post (or autopost) once to my page, and then manually post to Pinterest which will autopost the item to my profile. Alas, even for all the double duty, people seem to follow and share my alerts more on other social media sites than on FB.

I don't even know if term tag derives from
the label kind of tag or the game type of tag
My specialty since 2007 has been to provide Internet spots and help circulate for pets who don't already have those. Thankfully, there have been great improvements and expansion in online advocacy. Many shelter pets now have good internet presence, whether on Petfinder, AdoptaPet, Dogtime, Allpaws, Facebook, or the steadily increasing number of other sites. I have crossposted many shelter pets over the years, believe it is a good idea, and will continue to do so with certain criteria. Being tagged in many FB posts, however, is currently more than my capacity to read and process and still have time for other likewise important things. There are already large numbers of people more Facebook-savvy than I tagging across multiple threads. Occasionally when I see a shelter pet with 5,542 shares on FB and no progress, I have been moved to try to make a blog post for them and get them seen on other social media. But even those types of small efforts are frought with difficulties, of infitesimal value in the sea of online advocacy, maybe just plain redundant, and detract from my modest area of contribution which is to make and circulate links for pets who have little or no internet presence.

Yesterday I saw a cartoon on Facebook - a take-off on those Be Like so and so - which basically said Armchair Activists were useless. I realize they were trying to be funny and satirical and so forth, but I take it to mean my keyboarding efforts are unappreciated, and maybe other good people interpreted it that way too. Rarely do original submitters subscribe to my blogs, inform me of outcomes, or send me a thank you if my posts or related efforts have helped. Some people criticize. I seldom am advised whether my posts have helped. Yet I have kept going on the basis that it is a good cause and I was helping to fill a niche. As a kind of #TBT or #ThrowbackThursday comment, here is a PRweb piece I wrote in 2010. I am glad for our networking progress over the years.