Friday, January 1, 2016

New Orleans: Pair of 10-yr-old Chihuahuas Hercules and Paris For Adoption Owner Passed away

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Date: Jan 1, 2016 10:06 AM
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If any of you know of a good home for this pair of Angel t-cups to stay together, please scroll for contact info below. Thank you!

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Hi All,
Can you all take a look at the photos attached.  This is a pair of teacup Chi's whose owner passed away.  Their names are Hercules, the white one - Male – 4.8 pds and Paris, the black one, female – 5.2 pds.  They were brought into the shelter but not considered adoption candidates due to some pending medical issues.  I have taken care of the medical issues, they are totally vetted and I had their  Senior Blood Panels done as well .  They are not on any meds and found to be very healthy, well cared for 10 yr old Chi's.  They eat well, love their walks and one another.  They do very well with any other dogs, big or small.  They like walks and love to snuggle.  Paris does chase cats a little, of course, no harm done as she is way smaller than the cats!
A friend, Diane, fostered them for me when I was out of town and they went effortlessly between our houses.  I would like them to go together as, at my house, they do stay together a lot.  I think that is because all of my dogs are big.  At Diane's they seem to be a little more independent of one another.  I do think that they need company as they are used to that.
If anyone knows of anyone for these little guys, please let me know.  My phone is 504-813-5662.  Please pass on to anyone that you think might be interested in these little guys!
Thanks again!
Keane Colomb
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3609 Canal St., New Orleans, LA  70119
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